Im Writing A Book: 101 Ways To Not Give Up On Yourself

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Hello Beautiful People! Im writing a book called “101 Ways To Not Give Up On Yourself”. This is book is compiled of the wisdom I’ve gained though many situations where I assumed I simply could not make it through. I know what it feels like to want to dies, to feel misunderstood, to unsatisfied with life, to have my heartbroken, to lose people that I loved dearly, to let go of something you never wanted to let etc. Trust me I understand! By the grace of God all though I had my moments of weakness it is the undying strength that is embedded in me that kept me holding on. The reality is that this too shall come to pass and I want to share with everyone that it will. The TRUTH is the EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY! Below is an exerpt from the book Rule No.57 which says Just Make it Through The Night:


“. . . The answer is YES. The fact is these thoughts will come but the TRUTH is that they do not have to claim ownership over your life. It may be hard to internalize the TRUTH that this too shall come to pass but it will. Sometimes it may seem like it is too much to handle and you just might not be able to think yourself into sanity and that is okay. You do not have to figure it all out today,tonight, or tomorrow. What I suggest to you is that you take things one day at a time. Whenever you reach the brink of giving up on your beautiful, amazing, talented, divine, important self simply give yourself the goal of just making it through that night. You’ll be surprised at how far you’ve reached passed what thought you were capable of reaching.”



Iron Sharpens Iron

Hello all, I wish I didn’t go on hiatus as much as I do but it’s like after I post a video my life takes these very extreme twists and turns. This video in a nutshell is my attempt to summarize what I’ve been going through in a way that allows me to condense these last few months in about 6 to 7 minutes. As you know for the past six years I’ve poured out to you all some of my gifts, advice, life as God has allowed me to! Now I come before you all in need of something in return. I hate to be one of those people who always ask for things in return but I hope that I am not asking for too much. I am going through a very tough time in my life and it seems as if it is only going to get harder. I believe in God with my whole soul and I know that wherever God leads me he will provide for me with everything I need. And I need you. In the night or morning I ask just ask that you allow my name to slip through your prayers. Pray for my mind, my strength, my anointing, my family, and my academics. I believe in love, I believe in truth, I believe in being unapologetic about who you are, I believe in God, I believe in who God says you all are, and I believe that your prayers are effective. I believe that your words are precious in God’s eyes and I will be honored and humbled to know that in your sacred time of prayer I am mentioned. I will continue to prayer for you and if you have any prayer request I’ll be more than happy to pray for you. God Bless you All Love!