Hey Beautiful People! This my latest episode of “Lets Talk About It”! In this video I’m talking to Jay (IG: @mr_jayhill) about a few things I know some females worry about. I know I used to hesitate to ask alot of questions because I assumed I’d push someone I was dealing with away. Thankfully I grew up and realized that communicating is the most important thing you can do in any kind of relationship (friendship,intimate, professional etc.) NOW YOU DO NOT HAVE TO AGREE WITH EVERYTHING HE IS SAYING. He made a lot of great and considerable point but you don’t have to agree.  There is no pressure. We’re two people having a conversation about things we all kind of wonder about! This is my second video with another person. By the grace of God there will be a lot more videos of me talking to a bunch of people covering a huge variety of topics so STAY TUNED! Again thank you fo all the support! All Love SoulQueenWu

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